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Is it just me or...

Anyone else have issues with the way their players awkwardly turn/randomly come to a complete stop when you switch to a new player, or after a face off it won't let you switch players at all for a couple seconds. My Poke checks never work and when they randomly do(and I don't take a tripping penalty) the puck just stops and my player skates right by it without picking it up. My Evo McDavid gets out skated by the likes of Randy Carlyle. This game has become so frustrating lately I broke 2 controllers in the last couple months(bought a new one recently so I know its not the problem) Been playing NHL games since 98, and hut since it came out, and am seriously considering calling it the quits with this franchise. My little rant for the day!


  • Anything with your TV changed? Tried to reset your router? Made sure you don’t have any background apps running?

    Asking because I felt similar stuff back in the day until getting a 1ms monitor and the change was literally night and day.
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