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How to do a Snapshot?

Tried to search these forums and in google but found now answer and not similar question even, which is strange.

How can you do a snapshot in NHL 18? The push R3>move it upwards, that was in the series for years?

Now, I can only make a fake snapshot deke but not the actual shot if I want.

Am I missing something?


  • No replies for a simple question? Is it some top level secret how to do a snapshot?
  • NHL is a game of left right dekes, pull back wristers and overpowered slap shots. Why would anyone use a snap shot. If I remember right, its just pushing up in the right spot or do a super fast slapper? Not 100% sure.
  • Yupi13 wrote: »
    No replies for a simple question? Is it some top level secret how to do a snapshot?

    Not sure this is what you mean, but far as I know just pull straight down then straight up on the rick stick. It will basically be a very short wind up slapshot. Just pushing straight up is a weak wrister.
  • A "snapshot" is just pushing up on the RS, while a "wrist shot" is pulling the RS either to your forehand side, rolling it back so you hold it diagonally behind you, and then pushing up.

    Mind you this is according to how the old gen games defined them in the mini tutorials on the game controls. But most fans tend to use the terms interchangably, leading to confusion.
  • Nimh_Otis
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    I know your pain in regards to searching for a fully explained controls guide, for snap shots, and details of stick rolls (a wrap around with a latent wrist twist) and such shots as this cannot be found in detail, in writing, or on their official control diagrams on the their site maybe youtube has some dudes who explain but for the most part its tough to find. It doesn't go into detail about players differences in certain shots, and that is all up for debate bc the grey area of player uniqueness and they attribute that to their contribution and efforts to diversify individual players portraying them as accurately as they can and a being proud of theirproduct.
    But anyway Im not sure but I’ll offer you up an answer you havent heard yet. Ive experienced snap shots that set them far apart from normal wristers and quick slappers due to their effectiveness and surprising agility. I do this with both sides backhand or forehand, its all about timing with the glide, example for a rt hander backhand snap shot In glide hold the [email protected] & LS at 9oclock, this next part happens very fast, and almost in syncro, when you choose to direct your shot, move the LS lets say high left 11 oclock, and immediately the right RS should follow to shoot. But the trick is quickly w/o rolling the RS, move the RS FAST THROUGH NEUTRAL and diagnally to 11oclock(or 1oclock) depending on which handedness if its bKHnd Or 4hand shot OBVIOUSLY. The path of the RS will look like this \_ . The left is just the aim so long as your RS runs through neutral and directly to 11or1 oclock. It should look like a shot that is set aprt from the others in its agility, and surprisingly swift effectveness. Try it out in the practice lab
  • Nimh_Otis
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    It has a huge this way, huge difference from the normal snap which is just RS up. Getting a response about your question saying stuff like “right stick up” must be a let down. And frankly i find it quite dumb to assume that you dont know how to simply shoot the puck, especially when you’re asking on a specific shot type. So hope that it helps, and if I got it all wrong then call me on it if you'd like. But I use this a lot and its rewarding
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