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For the love of God, nerf poke checking

Poke checking is a part of hockey but not an overwhelming factor. Because poke checking has been dumbed down to button mashing most teams just skate around pounding poke check. No penalties ever and it doesn't allow one to actually play hockey. Last year up until around February poke checking would trip if done incorrectly, the game was most realistic I'd ever seen. Then for no apparent reason you made it so people can just button mash on poke check with no consequences. Now all people do is continually poke check to the point you can't actually play hockey. I want to play hockey not mash a poke checking button with no consequence. This is after all a hockey game so why not force the no talent hacks to actually play better rather than just sit there mashing a button. Just sayin


  • I agree. Some games are more frustrating than fun regarding this. I get poke checked from a guy facing the opposite direction swinging his stick behind his back to break up my zone entry then I try to poke him I get a penalty. Can't even create plays or get any flow it is so bad...
  • I wish I was able to poke check the puck away or even trip a player trying. I can swat and poke through their legs like their players are invisible!
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  • I’m okay with them neefing the poke spam. He’ll make it an automatic pen if you click it three times in a row... just don’t nerf the skill stick because that’s pretty much the only legit defensive tool...
  • sctty98
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    Poke check has to be over powered or the defensive skill stick wouldn't work. Have to pretend those new features are good.
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