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EA PLEASE PLEASE get rid of those free packs

Can someone from EA PLEASE get rid of those free packs that give us nothing at all PLEASE go back to the coin daily reward if you guys what to get more people to go back to hut then get rid of the free packs.I had saved all the coins for one week and in total i only got 5500 coins over 7 days and if we had the daily coin bonus back over 7 days i would have got 10,500 and with the free packs i lost 5,000 coins in one week i would love for this free packs PLEASE GET RID OF THEM i know people who have stopped playing the game because of this and if it keeps up i will be doing the same and i might not even get NHL 19 at all


  • It's FREE... stop crying and play hockey.
    Remember EA mantra..
    It's in the broke game... lol
  • So FrankiePuxU you would like to have 5500 coins if you are lucky then to have 10500 coins over a week really that is why EA will never fix it because of people like you
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