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Whos your favourite player on your team and why?

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Just would like see what peoples favourites were and why. DO they play great every game, snipe show, super fast ??
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  • I would have to say Yvan is my best player. Someone sold an upgraded version for 90k so I picked him up. Dude is a beast averaging 5ppg along with hull and forsberg. His overall is actually one of the best in the game for attainable players right now. I'm 10-0 split among both cs seasons and 7-0 in normal seasons
  • 13ulow
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    My favorite is Chara 99. His shot is awesome and he has great reach, and his hits are extraordinary.

    There is one thing though, and that is that he from time to time miss to pick up easy passes from team mates. This is something that I have not seen the other players do, at least not as frequently. He maybe misses one of these easy passes every second game or so, which I find really odd and unexpected from such a good player.
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