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Penalty Box Animation Glitch. Embarassing.

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If you've played EASHL, you will see that every time a person takes a penalty, the player doesn't skate to the box, but they skate in place by the boards.
I wish i could make a compilation, and may do it and put it on Youtube. This is laziness on EA's part, who would rather come up with new HUT packs and stuff to take our money.
Fix this. It is NOT a minor thing. It looks stupid.


  • Kuus2
    221 posts Member
    edited March 2018
    Why complain? Just bask in the glory of the new superior AI of the NHL18.

    Just imagine if this got past the QA, what less obvious but possibly very serious bugs also got through. Devs can write here all day how they designed skating, puck handling, dekes etc but if bugs make them behave differently as intented its all hot air.
  • Sgt_Kelso
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    To be fair, it doesn't happen all the time, just 90% of the time. B)
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