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One timer , player bugging

Anyone else have this problem? A lot of time when i try to make a one timer , the player is not shooting , and the player is like dangling and its don't want to shot..

its like a new prob in this nhl and its never get fixed.


  • I have been reporting this bug for two years. Let me write that again. Two years. Maybe more actually. I'm pretty sure it was in NHL 16 too.

    And nothing. Nothing from EA.

    Let me go into what's happening a bit better. The puck is on the way to your skater, we as the human player see there's an opportunity for a great shot so we hold up on the stick so we can get shot off immediately after receiving the puck. But nothing happens.. oftentimes the skater just glides as we're holding up on the stick.

    Instant replay shows this unfixed bug in all its glory because we can see where our sticks were positioned

    Not sure if that's what you mean, but that certainly plagues this game, and those before it with zero fixes. It's kind of funny too because you'd think shooting would work flawlessly in a darn hockey game.
  • It’s only been happening to me in NHL 18 but it happens when you don’t correctly double tap the right stick or hold the left trigger and time correctly the one T. However even when you do correctly execute the one timer this still sometimes happens and it is a glitch that needs to be patched immediately. This sometimes also happens when trying to do a one touch pass...

    In my experience this is more common in EASHL online modes then any other modes
  • so its not only one timer atm.. even when i just try to shoot a bit anytime , it keep not shooting..

    i think its my controller jostick who bug again..

    man i think i will buy a new one , but it will be my third one i buy..

    i start to think nhl 18 broken jostick..

    i'm almost unable now to do the backhand goal in breakway , my player don't move correctly and stay on reverse when i try to dangle.
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