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Tech Support never listens

I am glad to see EA Tech support people listen to us who play NHL 18 at all because they can do a update for the tuner and fix the bugs and other problems but they can not work on giving us our daily reward bonus instead lets keep giving the people free packs that you get nothing in like i said before i had tracked it for one week i had lost 5000 coins in one week but the free packs are the best.And customer support try to help but they say it has to do with the tech team so if the tech team reads any of this PLEASE GET RID OF THE FREE PACKS and go back to the daily reward bonus because i know a lot of people who QUIT playing hut because of this and they say they might not by NHL 19 if they don't fix it and i might do the same to SO FIX THIS NOW PLEASE and get back to us tech team and let us know
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