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Goalie equipment

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I've realised there are a few teams that the goalies have got the wrong colours, most notable one is the Washington Capitals, everything but the helmet and jersey are the wrong colour, the pads, glove and blocker have the colours of the Edmonton Oilers, I've got no idea how this has been overlooked, past years NHL game had teams in the wrong arenas, every year there is something so obvious that's been overlooked.

Also I think we should have the option to make our own design from default template for a created team mask, or at least pick a mask to go with that team, it's strange having been able to literally edit everything but the goalies mask. I mean you can even change the posts colours and yet you can't edit the mask or make your own decals.. even able to edit the current default ones like change the colours of the black and grey one or the dragon/scales looking one.

There are plenty things that needs to be done to the game on all popular modes that aren't being done.

Every year your faithful fans hope hell and high water that these bugs are edited and our expectations are met or close to being met however each and every year you guys keep loosing those faithful from being disappointed in your product and how neglected NHL has been compared to other EA sporting titles..
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