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Error code

Why do I non stop get this code when I sign on? Ee7437dd91e been happening for 2 weeks now. Takes forever to sign in


  • So recently on xbox one I have been trying to finish all my solo challenges, I got to "NHL Journey" in the "NHL Journey!" challenges and i'm on the second game against the bruins. Every time I try to start the game, before even getting to the team screen i get an error code of E17FCCE594BCAB6C-0000000000001150-60D55CB4C295440D. I reached out to EA Help on twitter, they tried to help me but nothing worked, I was told to come here and post this.
    If anyone has any idea how to fix this please let me know, or if you have any questions regarding my issue.
  • Same for me too but on PS4 and it was against the Anaheim Ducks. Talked to a advisor in the live chat and had to reset my PS4 settings and unistall/reinstall NHL 18. Didn't work and had to come here. Completely wasted 1,5 hours trying to fix the issue for nothing. Asked for an compensation for the insanely long hassle and was told I could possibly get it here so could that be possible at all since I had to completely reset my PS4 settings and unistall and reinstall NHL 18 witch took pretty long (6 hrs). I'm just asking is that possible. Problem still there.
    Kind regards
  • I have same issue with ps4! Talked in the chat and recommended writing here! annoying problem!
  • Repair this issue already EA!!!!
  • J ai le meme probleme
  • Also have the same problem, would appreciate some form of compensation for this error and inability to play this mode.
  • This is beyond ridiculous and appalling.For me I have spent money on here and now they force me to have to buy packs seeing as I cant complete the challenges.Constantly on a weekly basis I can't play games online and now since Saturday I haven't been able to do several HUT solo challenges.CAn you guys DO SOMETHING????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • J’ai le meme problème depuis une semaine
  • I’m having the same issue as well. Against Vegas. I don’t think anyone on the forum is capable of issuing compensation, though, unfortunately.
  • Same issue. Has anyone had this resolved?
  • Another question I have is if anyone else has gotten an error when trying to play the AHL Journey challenge in NHL Journey! on HUT. E17FCCE594BCAB6C-000000000001150-60D55CB4C295440D is the error code that is read. I understand that Studios is checking it out, but with TOTY coming out, it's unfair that there has been no news on whether or not this issue will be fixed somewhat soon, but also the compensation for this error as it has been over 3 months!
  • I have this error as well for weeks. Wish they would fix it.
  • I did the same thing, tried to get help on twitter. They tried but nothing worked. Please EA fix it or at least give compensation for the coins and packs we're unable to get because of this error code.
  • I have this error as well for weeks. Wish they would fix it.

    I've been having it since January, and everytime I ask them about it they just say "it's being investigated", in other words, go scratch.
  • JungleDonk
    5 posts New member
    I was waiting for the rewards from yesterdays comp season
    When I didnt get them I went back to the main screen, now I cant get back into HUT.
    Anyone else?
  • Yup just got a failed to retrieve data error it let me into hut but it took an extremely long time for it to load
  • JungleDonk
    5 posts New member
    Got this one for 5-10 minutes

    Then I got this
  • Just trying full restart to see what happens
  • Now the ea server is completely down
  • Without seeming hostile on here and getting kicked out of the forums I have to say that I've gone over everything I possibly can with my internet stuff and on my end I have the best internet that's around and all steps done that ea support has asked me to do, and it's constant crap, not getting coins, not getting packs earned, coins disappearing, lag in game, being disconnected from, can't even connect to the server to break the tip of this enormous iceberg ea has created. I am thoroughly displeased with both the product and the service provided from both the product and the customer service agents that ea has working for them. I've bought ea games for as long as I can remember like 10-15 years now and I have to say, ea will literally have to pay for the next game for me to have it on my system, not only do they not provide a good game, they don't compensate at all for their screw ups and that to me is bad business!! Shame on you EA SPORTS for how you people are conducting business, shame on you!!!
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