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NHL 20 Patch Details January 30th

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An Update Regarding the HUT Competitive Seasons – TOTY Round 1 Reward Issues

60 posts EA Staff (retired)
Hey everyone,

As many of you are aware, the Competitive Season Round Rewards for Round One of the TOTY Season (Season 11) did not go out as planned on Tuesday, resulting in a delay and with everyone expecting them to go out on Wednesday. On Wednesday, the rewards also were not available at 5 PM ET time that we stated and were further delayed until the issues surrounding the Round One rewards were solved as of approximately 7:15 PM ET on Wednesday, March 21, 2018.

First and foremost, we apologize for the inconvenience these issues have caused. We understand your frustration are investigating the issue further to hopefully prevent this from happening in the future. We’re grateful for your patience while we worked around the clock to get the issue resolved.

Please continue to voice your constructive feedback. While we can’t respond to every comment or post, we spend considerable time every day to gather your feedback and turn it into actionable steps to improve the game. Like you, we want EA SPORTS NHL 18 to be the best game possible, so thank you for help in that pursuit.

Finally, because of the two delays to the TOTY Competitive Seasons rewards, we will be compensating those affected by the Competitive Seasons rewards delay for Round One of the TOTY Season. Those affected by the issue will receive an untradeable Community TOTY item based off your ranking in Round 1 of the TOTY Season (Season 11). The grant for the items has been completed and the items were granted as follows:
  • Rank 1 to 5: 99 Community TOTY Ryan Getzlaf
  • Rank 6 to 10: 99 Community TOTY Vladimir Tarasenko
  • Rank 11 to 25: 99 Community TOTY Artemi Panarin
  • Rank 26 to 50: 98 Community TOTY David Pastrnak
  • Rank 51 to 75: 98 Community TOTY Filip Forsberg
  • Rank 76 to 100: 97 Community TOTY Sean Monahan
  • Rank 101 to 250: 97 Community TOTY Gabriel Landeskog
  • Rank 251 to 500: 95 Community TOTY Zdeno Chara
  • Rank 501 to 750: 95 Community TOTY Henrik Zetterberg
  • Rank 751 to 1000: 95 Community TOTY Zach Weresnki
  • Rank 1001 to 2000: 94 Community TOTY Evgenii Dadanov
  • Rank 2001 to 3000: 94 Community TOTY Mike Green
  • Rank 3001 to 4000: 93 Community TOTY Duncan Keith
  • Rank 4001 to 5000: 93 Community TOTY Bo Horvat
  • Rank 5001 to 7500: 93 Community TOTY Viktor Arvidsson
  • Rank 7501 to 10000: 91 Community TOTY Aaron Ekblad
  • Rank 10001+ 90 Community TOTY Clayton Keller

Once again, thank you for being passionate about the game and for your patience and understanding throughout the entire process.



  • Ty_Hors
    60 posts EA Staff (retired)
    As an update: we have addressed the issue that was preventing CS packs rewards from not being available. You should be able to claim them now.
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