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Account corrupted possible = lag ?

Hello after a lot of search , i founded a little something.. its about account corrupted on fifa.

i have created a second account to play with on my xbox one.. and now i am only playing on this new account since like a month..the game feel to go so fast and like all my game finish with a high score..

i played for the tourney easport on my main account , then i choose to continue to play a little more on versus on the main account.. the connexion was so good , and to be honest i was feeling like invincible.. by the way i faced good player during this time, and i won all my game.. the game was not going super fast like on my second account..

i was reading on fifa, sometime a account can be corrupted because you play with 2 differents accounts.. is it possible my second account got corrupted and its the reason my game lag a lot?
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