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Been Given Wrong Edition Of Players

I have today opened packs and instead of being greeted with special edition’s of Mihail Sergachev and David Perron, I’ve been handed their base cards.

I have spoken with EA Help already and was directed here.

What can I do?


  • Socair
    2815 posts Game Changer
    There isn’t much we can do here unfortunately, if you’re sure you were guaranteed better cards try posting here https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/bd-p/nhl-18-bug-reports-en as it will be seen by an EA rep.
    If you have a case number from the support line be sure to include that.
  • Here’s my first photo of evidence: [img][/img]ri7x8y.jpg
  • c9mmy9
    9 posts Member
    edited March 2018
    And here is the second photo of evidence:

  • Socair
    2815 posts Game Changer
    Ok, but that doesn’t show the details listed of the said pack prior to opening. Again follow the link posted above or contact support again as they could have a record of exactly what pack you opened.
  • Thanks for the help Socair, have done it over there.

    EA’s live chat was able to find out that i’d opened the 75k TOTY packs but admitted they themselves couldn’t give me anything and directed me to the forums but didn’t really say where before disconnecting.
  • Socair
    2815 posts Game Changer
    Ok. So I just had a look at the HUT store (I’m not a HUT player myself), and it was one of the young guns TOTY packs that you opened? The 75k one?
    I’m afraid there’s no guarantee with special editions as it states “up to 13 may be TOTY”...plus it’s a young guns pack...Perron wouldn’t be on the young guns TOTY.
  • Yes it says no guarantee but I got a player that is in the YGTOTY so why isn’t he the TOTY version?

    Perron isn’t on the young guns team of the year but he’s got a special card out which I’d expect to be in the pack over his base card
  • Unfortunately the base cards are in packs now as well as the TOTY and any special card.
    EA changed that this year .
    And to make us even more upset the base versions of players upgraded presently are in almost every special pack I bought .( i bought over 600k worth and got 1 TOTY worth 50k ,nothing else but a lot of base versions )
  • That’s scandalous @leeriehle , as if getting special cards wasn’t hard enough already!
  • c9mmy9 wrote: »
    That’s scandalous @leeriehle , as if getting special cards wasn’t hard enough already!

    I agree 100%.
    Not sure how getting a base player off the TOTY in each TOTY pack would have any outcome but making customers feel ripped off.
    Its bad enough not ever getting a TOTY player but to rub it in our face ,really!!!!

  • In other news, COD WW2 has 3-4 updates per day, and on any major patch updates issues and notes are detailed.

  • Or Gran Turismo Sport got a lot of bad feed back regarding amount of content when it came out.
    They have added a lot of new cars and races and tracks for free.
    Now seems a lot less complaints and more sales.
    Seems a good idea to keep customers happy ,but I am definitely not happy with NHL 18.
  • I can only presume EA must’ve heard my anger as I only went and packed TOTY McDavid today in one of the 25k packs
  • Wow congrats.
    Maybe they like you but not me,still nothing worth it for me.
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