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Unable to play H2H

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Hope you can tell me why i cant do this, but i cannot play any head to head game modes. Online VS is the only game mode i really care for and i cannot play it because i never find an opponent.
This also happens in FIFA. I cannot play head to head modes in FIFA either.
However in both games i can play club or drop ins from 2-16 players connected with absolutely zero issues. I cannot comprehend how this makes sense.
I have this problem with no other games either. No other games have this issue, and any mode that isnt 1 v 1 in 2 of your developers games, so is there something in your programming that requires a specific setting to be a certain way in order to allow head to head matches to work??
I have checked my settings, both in game and on my xbox, countless times i have no idea what i could possibly change to correct this issue?? Strange that its only head to heads in the 3 last sports games ive bought from you (FIFA17, NHL17 and 18) so please if i cannot play head to head i cannot play your sports games as i cannot stand playing with this community and i shouldnt be forced to.
I hope this is an easy problem to fix. I would very much like to control a whole hockey team and face another individual controlling a whole hockey team again.


  • Socair
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    Is your NAT open/moderate? And are you using ipv4 or ipv6?
  • IPV4/IPV6 issue!!

    who is your IP?
    what router do you have?
    In your network settings ,does it say IPV4 or IPV4 and IPV6?

    I had this issue in 17 fixed by switching from rogers to bell,It was an IPV4/IPV6 issue.
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