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Toty is dumb!!

Every team gets at least one player who made toty except for The Rangers, Senators, Canadians, and....... the Sharks!!! The 1st 3 teams I can understand (all 3 teams missed the playoffs and didn't really have much), but San Jose not getting a single one is just ridiculous. A team who is in 2nd place in the Pacific.... Vlassic is one of the greatest defensemen in the game, Burns is 2nd in defensive scoring, Timo Meier has 20 goals and is only 21 (I think)... he could have got young guns, Thornton doesn't get community vote (I mean, come on, everyone loves Jumbo!). If Florida can get 3 guys, Carolina get 2 (and we can all agree Skinner should not have got a team of the year card) and even the cellar dwellers Arizona and Buffalo get a player each... just stupid in my opinion. Boston got what? 6? Yeah they are a great team... but 6? EA will not get another dime from me (this year bahaha!)

There, I feel a little better! And yes, I'm a Sharks fan lol


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