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Buy Stars of the Month Pack, Get Error Code trying to open it. What a Broken Game!!!!

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So I use 10 Stars of the Month Collectibles to get a Pack. Try to open pack and Boom Error Code!!!! Error Code 90A7B981F67B2ADC-00000000blah blah blah blah and so on.

So I reboot the system and game and try to open it again and Error Code once again.

EA either refund me my Stars Collectibles or refund me my Coins .

8 days away from this game, and should have just loaded COD WW2 Instead.

Has anybody on Friday have this issue?
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  • Lol, wow so I try again to open the SofTM pack this afternoon and received the same Error Code.

    Then I proceed to the store to purchase a $25k pack and went back to my Packs Owned section . Opened the 25k pack and received nothing valuable as usual (wasn’t surprised lol )
    Then tried to open the Errored SoTM 6 player pack and Boom
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