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NHL is unfair!

I have been playing NHL for as long as I can remember. I have spent to much money on it and probably to many hours to. But now I got enough, all the talk about what u get in pack is randomized I dont believe. As a NHL player u want something from what u spend ur money on. In my case I spend many hours and put in money to afford all the collectibles that is needed to complete an offensive team of the years set, so you get one offensive team of the year item. As allways I get the worst player u possibly can get. The goalkeeper from Marlies. For real now, when u spend so much time on nhl and lay so much money on it u for once hopes to get something back. When will my luck come, how much more money do I need to spend to get an 99 player. I love NHL and will keep playing it, but why do i never get something good from packs or sets. It cant be randomized, because I cant be that unlucky all the time. Would just be fun and a relief to get something back for all the time and money u lay on NHL. Just wants something back, to keep up the motivation.

From a swedish dude that loves NHL


  • I have spent well over a mil coins on TOTY packs to get a 91 worth 30k .
    So while I feel you trust me you are not the only one.
    I won't ever spend real money on this trash game again.
  • Oh yes it is...If you plan on spending money,like gambling don't lose what you can't afford to lose.

    THE...Detriot Frenzy Alumni
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