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NHL 18 playoff set scam

so my poor daughter completes a playoff set after spending birthday money on these packs. set requires 25 gold players and 5 playoff collectables to get back 5 rare players. 5 players were all 83 and 84. was this some type of glitch or scam? why would they take 25 players and give you 5 worse players. plus the 5 collectables she said were worth 20 thousand each, for 5 players worth 500 each. I know im old and just getting back into gaming, but this seems almost criminal or gambling at some level.


  • Socair
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    It’s not a scam. “Rare” players just aren’t that rare and are mainly in the mid 80’s. Sets, in particular, are geared towards people who play HUT a lot and can easily complete them without worrying about the odds of return.

    It’s unfortunate she didn’t get anything better, but it’s the risk involved in opening packs and completing sets that do not guarantee a higher overall player.
  • Are there even playoff players in packs ?
    If you search PS4 there are none in AH?
    Are we buying packs with zero chances of playoff players?
  • Thanks for the reply i appreciate the info. I realize packs are a gamble, but sets usually get you an upgraded or special player. my son has completed sets for 96 sitler 97 borque etc. the other playoff sets offer 99 players for the playoff collectibles, just figured this would give her something. i guess she could have quick sold everything and bought a 99 player im not that familiar with HUT. i stopped playing when it became a game of poke checks and one-timers.
  • I'm not one to finger wag at anyone but I am in full finger wag mode, dad.

    You made me do it.
  • I'm not one to finger wag at anyone but I am in full finger wag mode, dad.

    You made me do it.

    Well said that’s funny.
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