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This just happened against my opponent...

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He was down two goals and just scored making it 2-3. I'm up by one goal, I just took a penalty with 30 seconds left. He called a timeout and pulled goalie. I would've done the same.

This broken play costed him the game. Eventually I got the empty net and won because of bad AI. Plays like this are why many people are frustrated with this game.


  • That's ridiculous. What makes it even more ridiculous is that sometimes it doesn't matter if they are not even facing the puck they can intercept pass without problem... Very inconsistent.
  • That’s garbage!

    The Pens player comes in and can’t control the puck then he redirects it to the Leafs player that cant pick it up. :lol:
  • Even worse is you can see the defense are frozen on faceoffs until someone touches the puck. Notice they don't move until the offensive player comes in after the tie-up. Once touched they react, and that causes the defenseman to back up into position without any awareness that the puck is coming at him. By the time the user has taken control, the puck is out of the zone.
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