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div 1 club looking for a d/rw west coast times

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edited April 2018
hey guys were looking for a stay at home d guy who when playing d, plays his position. if hes interested he can also play part time rw. we cycle the puck to the d guys alot.we play for the team and our teammates not ourself. who ever is open we pass the puck to. we are a mature group all in our late 30s and early 40s who are looking for a mature person to fill the spot. we have alot of fun playing and competing and trash talking each other. were a tight nit group who hang out together in real life but were looking for a couple of players to play 6s. were 70 games above .500. there is 3 of us at the moment but we need the right fit who are defensive minded and arent 15 years old. if you are interested you can send a message to me here or send me a message on the ps4. my psn name is dutchie80 you can also message....thanks in advance i hope your the player were looking for
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