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New Club Seeks Players (PS4)

Thought I posted this earlier, but guess it didnt go through. Anyway...

Ive created a new club and looking for players.

Team Needs: Any and All positions - want a human goalie as much as possible, if not full time.
I can play C, LW and some Goalie.

Looking For: Adult players (20+ preferred) who can play a team game, communicate encouragement and have fun. If you have a mic, that helps.

Time zone: Im in the Pacific time zone, so prefer players in same time zone, though it doesn’t really matter to me. I’m able to play on weeknights anytime after 7pm and often earlier on weekends.

Game Mode: 6s

If interested message me on PSN: tealtown_mg


  • Im always on my ps4. I have ps vue. So when you get on i will see. I prefer LW. I am willing to play where ever needed, except goalie. Trust me, if you want to win, keep me out of goalie. Im 35 years old. So i won't be acting like a child. I want to play on a team, that plays like a team. No superstars, just the team. Im looking foward to hearing from you.
  • I can play. Gt is U_M4ke_meSik
  • Im looking for a top team???
  • I’m looking for a team! I’m 24. I’m on the east coast but I can play some weeknight and all weekends. I should preface by saying that I am a rookie. Just Pm me on psn. jelmore1674
  • Hey there! I have been playing NHL for a while now. I have kinda been lacking in playing EASHL on 18 this year but getting back into. I normally play forward but lately I have been trying to play defense more. So I can really play anywhere, I can even play G sometimes...Not all the time. Prefer not to unless absolutely have to. I am 32 years old and looking to join the club with a good and fun atmosphere.
    My PSN is IRONMAN54321. I am also on pacific time too.
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