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Online VS - what's the deal with freezing, looping, and desyncing?

I see a lot of people claiming it is me not EA due to it being peer-to-peer. This baffles me. I play plenty of VS games that are silky smooth. My ping is usually around 10-25ms and my network connection is hard wired using Verizon Fios. I've gone online the last few nights to play, and the experience is maddening. I completed 4 VS games last night, so it is possible. But there was also a lot of match-making freezing and also face-off looping. For every game played there is at least 2-3 that fail. I don't get what is going on here? Is there any official word about this? Are they working on it? I don't want this to get deleted as an unconstructive post only meant to vent anger. I am happy to give details on my set-up to get to the bottom of this problem. Players try to let the opening scene play out to avoid loops, which I can already assure you all doesn't work. We have no issues playing online in other games (Fortnite, RocketLeague, etc.) so I refuse to believe the issue is on my end.
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