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Bring Back Consumable/Contract Packs for HUT

This was a great addition last year. Why take it out of HUT this year? Now that's it out people are back to manipulating the contracts market every single day and night. What I mean is someone buys all the contracts up in the auction house then resells them for ridiculous prices.

You shouldn't have to pay, for instance, 900 coins for a gold contract because some greedy 10-year old wants to manipulate the market. Or better yet, get rid of the need for using contracts altogether. But please bring back the consumables packs because they helped keep the market manipulation down last year.

Go look at the contracts markets. They are ridiculous prices.


  • Hey wait a minute here I’m older than 10 and have been listing contracts for 750 bn for days. I’m always amazed at people who quicksell contracts.
  • SpillGal
    336 posts Member
    This is actually a big deal.
    It removes any possibility of playing HUT for free.
    This year is over, guess they are testing the market/pay will a bit...
  • I have atleast 300 gold contracts and more in healing from all the free daily a fillers from packs!
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  • SpillGal
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    OK, but the number of contracts held by some players are irrelevant. Personally, I have 0 contracts.
    Did you feel that I just gave you some valuable information? No? That's because I did not. (Other than the fact that each player owns a different number of contracts)
    HUT has always been made so that even if you lost all your games, you would get enough coins to continue playing. Nowadays, that's not the case anymore.
    Playing one game, you burn 1,46 contracts. For the first time in HUT's history, the price of 1,46 contracts is higher than what you get from a loss. That is the huge change I'm talking about.
    If HUT is changing into a mode where you need a certain level of success and if you cannot keep up at that level, you will need to grind some offline mode (or buy packs) to keep on playing, it's a heavy shift in the very basis of this mode. Let's just hope this is temporary...
  • You get one or two free gold contracts every day you log in. There are plenty of challenges that give Consumables packs, and challenges don't use contract points (although your players need to have contracts to do them). The HUT Tips set also gives you contracts and healing cards. And now they've added additional challenges specifically for earning contracts and Consumables packs three times a week. There's no excuse for running out of contracts this year. Most people, myself included, have more contracts than we could use in a decade. Frankly, I had no idea contracts were selling for that much, I never bothered selling any because I just assumed they were worthless since everybody has tons.
  • Well I play a lot and I’m really low at contracts. I want to play the online games, I don’t bother to play some boring games against the ai just to get new contracts. The thing with contracts has always been a silly thing. I think they should delete them in next game.
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