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New league with regular season starting up right now! Anyone looking to be part of a really fun league that is growing can follow the below link! Post what positions you play in the group and a team will happily select you. If a team does not pick you up after 48 hours you will be placed on a team by the league guaranteed. There is a spot for everyone in this league!

We have an original 6 teams ready to go and any other players that want to play are welcome. We got rid of all of the problems the league had before with previous ownership (had to make a new group and everyone is transitioning from the old to the new, which is why group has small numbers but all owners have their teams ready to play) and are moving forward and we are all very excited.

It is a NCAA style EASHL league where all teams are College teams. We would love to have you join as we move forward to better things!

League link:https://facebook.com/groups/127309034795983/?multi_permalinks=127555881437965&notif_id=1525612763134529&notif_t=group_activity
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