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9 Year old PS4 club looking for players (164-38-7)

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We are a very active club seeking for Rw, C, Rd and G ! We have been a team since NHL10 and we hit top 50 every year. We tend to play every night from 9 pm est to around 12 am est ( we would like to play longer) during weekdays, and 9-2 on weekends. Usually 5v5 no goalies since we can never find a good one but we want to play 6's.

Our club name this year is Whyyyyy link to our page -> https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/WHYYYYY

We play a team first game, quick passes a nice d to d breakouts. We all have around 950 cr to give you an idea.

Please message me here or on my psn ( pdm--92)

Looking forward to playing some puck tonight!!


  • kaziekama
    2 posts New member
    Do you have an minimum skill requirement? I haven’t played since 16, and going to get 18 on either ps4 or Xbox if I can find a decent club. I am I’m usually 2-3 days during the week from 9p-12a EST, and time permitting on the weekends.

    PSN/xbox: kaziekama
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