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NHL 20 CHEL NOTES - HUT Deep dive

Andrew Marks HUT Producer and Nicholas Shewchuk Live Content Producer discuss HUT in NHL 20.
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Who Would You Like To See As The NHL 19 Cover Athlete?

Who Would You Like To See On The NHL 19 Cover? Wished The Cover Vote Returned This Year, Hopefully Next Year. For Me, I Would Like To See Either Crosby, Subban, Matthews, Or Laine.


  • I would like to see "Gamey" the Gameplay Mascot on the cover this year.
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  • Laine
  • They missed the opportunity I think to make it Gordie Howe when he passed away in 2016. Would like to see a classic guy on there, especially if they're upgrading to Frostbite (lol yeah right). But would be cool to have a classic guy and they release an upgraded version of the game, like a movement forward.
  • Sgt_Kelso
    1097 posts Member
    Ville Leino! Cause he's a bit like this franchise...
  • Swoops--73
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    edited May 2018
    I think the ea development team should all be on the cover so we can see who puts in all the hard work each year.
  • Socair
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    Closing thread. If there’s a cover vote we can debate then. Don’t want this to turn into a flame war.
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