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Deflecting outlet passes into the offense zone

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edited May 2018
Anyone who has watched an hockey will notice that during games, players will send hard passes up to a teammate that will deflect the puck into the offense zone to change or to get a forecheck going. How come after all this years we still haven’t got this into the game? It would be useful for a change off instead of skating up the zone to dump the puck and maybe could help make the trap a little less effective.


  • Just do it like a one timer?
  • Just do it like a one timer?

    Not even a one timer, just have a teammate redirect a pass into the zone
  • j0rtsu67
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    Would it work with one touch pass?
  • j0rtsu67 wrote: »
    Would it work with one touch pass?

    One touch passing is kind slow and can be picked off easily. I was thinking just using the shoot button would redirect the pass.
  • Workin_OT
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    Absolutely should have this in the game. The game needs more skill based manual mechanics.

    Tipping a pass like you suggest here.
    -we should be able to control the speed and direction of the tip. Think saucer pass. You can control the strength and direction of saucers quite well, and it takes a bit of practice to be really good at it - tipping a pass should act the same way. You should be able to stand on the blueline and softly tip the puck towards space in the centre of the ice where a streaking teammate can rush onto it. At the same time you should be able to do as you suggest OP, make a stronger tip deep into the offensive zone.

    Dummy play - let the puck go through you without picking it up
    -we should be able to make the famous Lemieux play from the 2002 olympics where a pass goes from one side of the ice to the other and he is directly in between, but he simply lets the puck go through his legs to the winger beside him. Or if the puck is stationary we should be able to skate towards it and over it intentionally without picking it up.

    Manual deflections
    -we should be able to set up in front of the net and manually make attempts at tipping shots. Should be timing based, and not super easy to pull off, and should be able to somewhat control the direction whether you are trying to tip it right or left up or down.

    Shooting the puck out off the glass
    -this is kind of in the game but there isn't a lot of nuance to it. It should be made into a deeper mechanic that takes practice to master in a similar fashion to saucer passes. Time the controller/button presses correctly and you can accurately control speed and direction off the glass and hit it every time. Do it wrong and you can easily put the puck over or flub it and ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it of the lower boards. In todays NHL you often see players who are very close to the boards almost get the puck up of the glass almost straight vertically, this type of play is completely absent from the game.
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