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X1HL Season 9 Anaheim Ducks EASHL Scouting/Tryouts

X1HL is a competitive and organized EASHL league currently going into Season 9.
Talented players with availability Sun-Thurs 8pm-10pm EST should msg me for a try out. (Only endorsed players may enter league)
League has NHL-like schedules (Preseason + 82 game reg seasons + best of 7 playoffs)
32 Teams (18 man rosters)
Fully enforced Rules & Regulations (You will read if invited to league)
Site admins as well as Team Owners, GM’s, and Line Captains
Games are all broadcasted via Mixer/Twitch
All stats are archived
You MUST have availability at least two nights out of the 5 game nights (Sun-Thurs 8pm-10pm EST)
MSG me on XBL for more inquiries, or if you’re a current X1 member wanting to be scouted for season 9.
My GT is TonyZamboni88 (X1HL Anaheim Ducks Owner). Also, if you don’t hear from me please msg TrollSlayer420 (X1HL Anaheim Ducks GM).
Must contact me before April 28th to be eligible for roster spot.
Thanks & good luck to all participants....
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