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Let’s be able to save rosters and lines/strategies/for online play. Once you get disconnected you have to start all over.


  • Sixrohki
    56 posts Member
    For real though.
  • darkryd3r
    131 posts Member
    I would appreciate too if we can save rosters and strategies also for online gaming (as we can in FIFA e.g.). Because it is so annoying to set it up everytime from scratch.
  • Sgt_Kelso
    1325 posts Member
    edited May 2018
    Yeah, saving stuff is really a basic thing that should be used more... like saving your created team Jerseys & colors in EASHL, so even if you change them, you can have old ones in reserve. As it is, you can only save or reject current changes.

    In fact, you could make the team jersey customization a separate thing, so you could load and use them in any game mode you like (or that allows loading jerseys), HUT or whatever. It would be cool to be able to customise stuff without actually launching a certain game mode.
  • I can't believe that Madden 19 actually went backwards with the basics. This is a real pain having to do things over, I thought i was doing something wrong until i started to look up information on this. After all these years and now to drop the ball like this. This is bad not to mention how dark the game is.
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