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What are your sliders?

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edited June 2018
I’m looking for sliders that will make this game more enjoyable offline since online is an absolute disgrace. What’s crazy is that 09-14 on 360 I had a lower tier internet and never caught lag really...would play full 6’s games and never had this crazy amount of lag. Now it’s ps4, I have the best internet Comcast provides and online is just consistently either lagging or my players are stuck in the mid, I get a good game maybe 1/5 times. Which is crazy because H1Z1, R6, Gran Turismo, etc etc etc any other game I play I don’t have any issues connection wise lol

So I’m gonna try offline and see if I can manage to not hate this game as much. What sliders are you guys using offline that I can actually feel like the game is worth playing? Lol
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