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Negative Trade Values in Franchise Mode

One thing that has been very lacking in franchise mode is the ability to take on bad contracts as a benefit to the team trying to unload them. Normally, a player who is 75 overall, carries a $7 million cap hit, and has six years left on their deal would be someone people really want to get rid of.

However, in this game, they still have trade value. They are still considered an asset, not a liability. We need to have a way of treating players who are not good anymore and have terrible contracts as liabilities that other teams can use to pick up extra prospects while they are rebuilding. I think the easiest way to do this would be to add a "negative" to the trade value trade score. To where a player included in the trade would actually decrease the value going to the team accepting him. This would allow a rebuilding team to take on bad contracts in addition to prospects to speed up their rebuild just like in real life. As it stands now, that terrible contract which is a complete liability is still treated as an asset by the game.


  • that is in this game though, if you make an offer to a team and they decline sometimes adding a player from their team with minimal value but a higher salary makes it go through

    and there have been a couple occasions they have made me offers to take bad contracts

    i remember one time as the coyotes i got an offer out of the blue from the rangers, marc staal and a 5th round pick for my 7th
  • Perhaps what it needs then is greater emphasis and better functionality. Even if it does kind of work, it definitely doesn't work as a general strategy when you seek out someone like that. You certainly can't get a *good* prospect to go along with them
  • depends what you offer, i have gotten some pretty decent deals adding on a **** contract
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