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Would like to Offer a Few Fair Challenges to the Makers of This Game

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Play drop-in for just two consecutive days. Each day, play only 3-4 games. That way won't take up too much time , or will it ?

Feel free to write down any notes that stand out to you , especially write down notes in how many attempts/how long it takes to start up a game.

Feel free to write down notes of how the people play IN the game.

Feel free to write down notes of how many people QUIT the game.

Feel free to write down any connection/server issues

Every other game in my xbox one x I play takes at most 2mins to start up, I will ALWAYS be playing an online opponent, it has FUNCTIONAL anti-trolling methods, and punishers people who quit out during games.

Imagine that huh.

The fact I would have to schedule time to play club,( as if this game can be taken serious competitively) is a dismissive weak retort, especially when no other game I play (with randoms) requires such efforts.
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