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(PS4) HUT offline season, challenges etc - every second game I need to restart the game

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For about three weeks I have an annoying problem. When I start NHL 18 and play my first game there is no problem. So far so good.

However, as soon as I try to continue with the next game I dont get a connection. My team name do not appear on the match up screen. I need to restart the whole game again and again. This concerns all kind of games, offline season games, offline single games, all kind of challenges etc.

What is going on here? Why do I need to restart NHL18 with every second game and why is the first game always running without problems? Has someone the same problems or any idea how to fix this?

In the beginning I was hoppong this problem will be just temporary like so many others but now it really starts to get under my skin.


  • I’m having similar issues that seemed to start at the same time (3 weeks ago). After my first game of online versus or eashl my things take long to load or don’t load at all and I can’t see user names at that point. I’m able to play, but navigating the menus takes longer and I can’t see player names.
  • i have the exact same problem, i am going nuts... have you guys found a solution ?
  • No solution for me yet.
  • I still have this going on, and Ive tried several different troubleshooting ideas from various forums and nothing works. It is very frustrating, does anyone know how to fix this?
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