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NHL 19 Cover

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edited June 2018
Think it has to Ovechkin holding the cup


  • NLucaj31
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    1. Ovechkin holding the cup
    2. Nikita kucherov
    3. Auston Matthews
    4. Patrik Laine
  • my guess is Ovie holding the cup

    small chance something with vegas

    but since the physical cover is becoming less and less important... be cool if they did a digital cover for each team and you could pick which u want when u digitally buy it
  • The Lady in the White Dress pushed up against the Glass
  • Socair
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    This is the second time this topic has come up recently as a thread. Last time it was closed due to baiting, trolling and sarcastic comments.
    Keep it sensible and realistic guys.
    NHL Series Game Changer & Volunteer Moderator
  • MDubz83
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    It's probably going to be Auston Matthews
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  • I guess the cover is important as it is the only definitive thing working as intended and not bugged.
  • Socair
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    Please see my above comment...
    I guess the cover is important as it is the only definitive thing working as intended and not bugged.
    This is a counter productive example. Please do not post sarcastic comments. This thread is about who should be on the cover.
    NHL Series Game Changer & Volunteer Moderator
  • After thinking about this I think these are the 5 most likely

    Ovie (probably with cup)
    Matthews (highest selling jersey, face of a top franchise)
    Crosby and/or Malkin (back 2 back cups makes sense)
    Someone from Knights (a huge story this year, makes sense)
    Scheifle (Jets really good year, he was a star)
  • MDubz83
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    If Crosby was ever going to be on a cover it would of been years ago. He's too superstitious and doesn't want to be on it. Ovi already had his cover, Auston Matthews (after Connor McDavid) is the leagues next biggest star and he plays for the team with the largest fan base. I'm going with him
  • NHL 19 should follow Madden's example and have multiple covers if they are going to have multiple versions of the game for sale.

    the base version = someone(s) from the current cup holders
    young guns = any player under 25. this also could feature different players by region/nation
    hall of fame version anyone in the Hall...and so on

    then break these into HUT incentives based on which version you buy.

    EA's biggest problem is that the sports games are so discombobulated and fail share a vision.
  • ryrypoli
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    Patrick Laine with that beard
  • Ovechkin Holding The CUp
    Sidney Crosby
    Or Auston Matthews
  • not just for NHL but for all games (especially sports games) for digital copies they should just make multiple "covers" (for sports you could do one for each team) and let you choose when you buy they game
  • Kuus2
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    Simple and abstract colored shapes in color of caps and golden knights, with just a prominent NHL19 text
  • MDubz83
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    Looks like PK is the cover boy this year
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