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FGMHL (Hockey Sim League)

Hello, I welcome you all to come check out the newest sim league to join the communities around.
Fantasy General Manger Hockey League
Our league will be looking for about 11 More GM's to fill it to make it 15 Teams/Members as we are starting the league with a feature of create your own team and we will hold a fantasy draft to detrime our rosters other key feature include,
> Salary Cap
> Progression/Regression based on stats, ice time, age all play factors
> Entry Draft
> 60 Game Regular season & Playoffs
> Different from Regular Leagues with a bit of a twist
> Simmed on NHL 18
> League based on a 15 Team new league opening.
League is looking to start as soon as possible and let the fun and hockey begin so come be a part of FGMHL.

Link: http://fgmhl.boards.net


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