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Tanev trade proposal

"According to Friedman on the NHL Network tonight - Flyers looking for a right handed D. Hextall's top priority this summer."
Flyers have 2 first round picks 14 & 19
Hamonic got a 12 overall pick, a 43 overall pick, and a conditional second despite coming off an injury plagued season just like Tanev so this proposal is fair

To Phi
- C. Tanev
To Van
- W. Allison- Unsigned prospect
- 2018 14 overall pick- Draft B. Wilde

What do you think of this?


  • That is an excellent trade proposal, I just saw this trade happen in my NHL18 franchise league. I'm the Golden Knights but I saw Vancouver trade Tanev to Philly for a first round pick and a 3'rd round pick

    And now you mention it here, lol
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