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Hello all, several of you liked my sliders in the other thread, and I tried making a certain type of post that isn't allowed. But I spent hours gathering this data for y'all, so this post is going back up in a new form. Please post your thoughts, feedback, and feels about my sliders. Like them, hate them, tried them, or have a suggestion? Let me know!
Here is the post below with the offensive parts removed:

I have reproduced my original post below with a few edits for typos and clarity from the original post. Here we go!

Hello y'all. Here are those sliders I was talking about (rules are just the basics, sliders I will go over all of them)

Penalties: 2/4
7 minute periods

Difficulty: All-star ( I personally find All Star to be harder than Superstar. The AI is less predictable because it doesn't use the same cheats over and over, and it just seems better. I don't know why, that's just been my experience).

Sliders: Pre-set sliders for (Online) and [Full Sim] are in (parentheses) and [brackets], respectively, following my new slider setting. I will also <in arrows> add a few reasons behind the changes where relevant to justify my choices and hopefully enlighten both ya'll and EA.

Attribute Effects: 10/10 (5/10) [5/10]
Broken Stick Frequency: 33/100 (33/100) [33/100]
Game Speed: 3/6 (3/6) [3/6]
Fatigue Effect CPU&Human: 75/100 (50/100) [70/100]
Fatigue Recovery CPU&Human: 35/100 (50/100) [33/100]
Injury Occurrence CPU&Hunan: 50/100 (50/100) [50/100]

<Attribute effects: 10/10 makes them more prevalent so top guys really separate from grinders. No more sniping with Ryan Garbutt. If you need a big goal, roll your big sniper out.
Fatigue: You'll run out of energy 10 minutes in if you don't manage it properly. You'll make it about 15 min in before you go red if you do.>

Back Skating: 75/100 (50/100) [50/100]
Hustle type: Authentic (Authentic) [Authentic]
Puck Carrier Agility: 25/100 (50/100) [50/100]
Puck Carrier Skating: 80/100 (50/100) [50/100]
Player Acceleration CPU&Human: 45/100 (65/100) [50/100]
Skating Speed CPU&Human: 80/100 (50/100) [50/100]
Skating Agility CPU&Human: 75/100 (50/100) [50/100]

<The big one. The changes are pretty self-explanatory. More agility means less cement feet, less acceleration means no more 0 to 60 in .5 seconds, higher top speed allows for realistic skating. See a guy in the NHL pick up a drop pass on the PP and go through the whole team on pure speed? Wish you could do that too? Now you can! Back Skating is faster too. No more getting blown by on the outside by Corey Perry while you backskate as fast as you can with Eric Karlsson.>

One timer Accuracy CPU: 20/100 (50/100) [50/100]
One timer Accuracy human: 40/100 (50/100) [50/100]
Shot Accuracy CPU: 25/100 (55/100) [45/100]
Shot Accuracy Human: 40/100 (55/100) [45/100]
Shot Power CPU&Human: 70/100 (50/100) [50/100]
Slap shot accuracy CPU: 30/100 (50/100) [40/100]
Slap shot accuracy Human: 50/100 (50/100) [40/100]
Slap shot power CPU&Human: 80/100 (50/100) [50/100]

<The CPU is more accurate than you. Period. But both human and CPU rarely miss the net. NHL games have 60-80 shot attempts per 30 shots. Now you will too. Slow down and aim and you'll hit the net. Slow down and aim with a sniper and you can pick a corner. I have tested this over and over. Combined with the new goalie sliders, it will be extremely rare to just skate into the slot and snipe at top speed. These settings, combined with the new goalie settings, also eliminate a very prevalent "glitch goal" many of us are familiar with.>

Manual Passing: On (On) [On]
Pass Assist: 10/100 (33/100) [30/100]
Min pass speed: 50/100 (35/100) [35/100]
Max Pass speed: 70/100 (65/100) [65/100]
Saucer pass speed: 50/100 (50/100) [50/100]
Pass accuracy CPU: 10/100 (50/100) [50/100]
Pass accuracy Human: 40/100 (50/100) [50/100]
Pass Interceptions CPU&Human: 80/100 (80/100) [80/100]
Pass reception ease CPU: 20/100 (33/100) [25/100]
Pass reception ease Human: 35/100 (33/100) [25/100]
Reception reaction time CPU&Human: 20/100 (20/100) [20/100]
Puck control rating effect CPU&Human: 50/100 (50/100) [50/100]
Puck speed reception effect CPU&Human: 80/100 (50/100) [50/100]
Pickup type effect CPU&Human: 70/100 (50/100) [60/100]
Bouncing puck receptions CPU: 30/100 (70/100) [55/100]
Bouncing puck receptions human: 40/100 (70/100) [55/100]

<All designed to make passing more under your control and even out the CPU advantage. Their pass percentages are now closer to 70% per game than 95% like before. Also, you no longer need to hold down the pass trigger for several seconds to get a decent pass with my slightly increased minimum pass speed.>

Puck Control:
Puck control CPU&Human: 25/100 (33/100) [20/100]
Deking impact CPU&Human: 60/100 (20/100) [50/100]
Spin Deke impact CPU&Human: 50/100 (50/100) [50/100]
Skating Impact CPU&Human: 15/100 (0/100) [45/100]

<you don't slow down to half speed while skating with the puck, but you do lose a lot of agility. EA sliders got that backwards. Now it's fixed. Also, the lower puck control combined with lower pass reception ease on bouncing pucks creates very realistic scrambles for loose pucks - a very realistic occurrence that is largely missing in stock sliders.>

Goalie Cover Puck frequency: 45/100 (33/100) [45/100]
Goalie Passing: 70/100 (83/100) [70/100]
Goalie cross-crease reaction time CPU&Human: 90/100 (50/100) [50/100]
Goalie save reaction time CPU&Human: 80/100 (50/100) [50/100]
Goalie deflection reaction time CPU&Human: 70/100 (50/100) [50/100]
Goalie screen effect CPU&Human: 65/100 (60/100) [60/100]
Goalie Screen Persistence CPU/Human: 10/100 (60/100) [60/100]

<Goalies were terrible. They've been improved. And they are better at easier saves than harder saves. Also, one a screen goes away, it only takes the goalie a second to recover. No more 5 second wait before he'll work again>

Full Sim sliders, unchanged.

CPU penalties: 60/100 (40/100) [40/100]
CPU Teammate penalties: 0/100 (33/100) [40/100]
Tripping CPU&Human: 50/100 (50/100) [50/100]
Slashing CPU&Human: 50/100 (50/100) [50/100]
Elbowing CPU&Human: 10/100 (20/100) [20/100]
High Sticking CPU&Human: 50/100 (50/100) [50/100]
Cross-checking CPU&Human: 10/100 (50/100) [50/100]
Boarding CPU&Human: 30/100 (50/100) [50/100]
Charging CPU&Human: 50/100 (50/100) [50/100]
Delay of Game CPU&Human: 50/100 (50/100) [50/100]
Holding CPU&Human: 50/100 (50/100) [50/100]
Hooking CPU&Human: 50/100 (50/100) [50/100]
Interference CPU&Human: 50/100 (83/100) [83/100]

<penalties that aren't your fault are now barely called (like elbowing and cross checking. Boarding has been tuned to penalize you if you hit from behind but not from the side like they did before. Also, 0 teammate penalties means no more languishing over how your teammate took a terrible penalty behind the play. Now you are the only one who can hurt your team with penalties.>

AI learning: 6/6 (6/6) [6/6]
CPU Difficulty Adjustment: 0/6 (0/6) [0/6]
CPU Faceoff Difficulty: 50/100 (50/100) [50/100]
Fight Difficulty: 50/100 (50/100) [50/100]
CPU Strategy Adjustment: 5/6 (3/6) [3/6]
User strategy adjustment: 0/6 (0/6) [0/6]

<these work best. 0/6 Difficulty adjustment means no AI cheating, 6/6 learning means they make you change it up, and 5/6 strategy adjust means they will change in response to you. 5/6 just makes it more realistic than 6/6, because they won't ALWAYS change>.

Hope you guys enjoy :)
And EA, I hope you'll try these. They are much more realistic, imo.

If you like some of my changes, but disagree with others, please post what you'd change as well.
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