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Draft Collectables

Hello lads I have another question. I've missed yesterday's daily rewards pack b because i was extremely hung over and didn't log in so I missed collecting the draft collectable. Is there any way to pick one up so that I can complete the set at the end of the month?


  • Anybody?!
  • No. Fortunately the Dahlin card you want is going to plummet in price in the AH because people are creating multiple accounts ,so you can pick him up cheap. 1 guy had 8 99 Dahlins listed at 1 time.
  • the daily reward Dahlin collectable is no trade! if you don't have 45 you can only get the 95' and the 90'
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  • I don't get it how are ppl supposed to get 45 of those collectable cards when there's only 30 days in the month?
  • Log in twice a day. I did it and got the 99 Dahlin.
  • mikeyflex
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    I know this is a little late to the dance. But you can pick up two collectibles per day if you log on enough. Now we have the Free Agent Collectibles for 97 Martin St. Louis.
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