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LTB FB 99 H.Sedin

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edited July 2018
I'm willing to pay tops 150k ... I sold him a month ago for a lucky 140k when there was like 30+ of them! I would like to get him back! he is over priced at 200k+ only because people have quit the game again keeping there players and coins on there account! there is no RUB for players and Coins anymore, so people need to unload and keep the game alive!
HUT = Kickass Gaming
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  • since 19 was announced I have not seen about 10 very active players on my friends list that I know how a lot of players etc so I know there is a full community of people done with the game and going to let there players on there team stay in collection rather than be on the market for reasonable prices!
    HUT = Kickass Gaming
    PSN = MastaDamage
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