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NHL 18 wont install on PS4

I've had the game since Sept. Adult owned, disc is like new. I had to make room on my ps4 so I deleted the game temporarily. So today I go to reinstall it...it gets to the end and shows its paused. Ive wiped the game off twice, restarted...ran in safe mode and ran build. Nothing will work. Anyone have any ideas?


  • yeah i mean i have the phsical disk, there are like surface scratches you can seen from normal wear you can see if you put it up to a lamp just right...im not sure if this is ps4 or EA...it really sucks tho...really wanting to play....
  • I guess I'll just have to keep posting 100 times every hour
  • Socair
    1927 posts Game Changer
    I have no idea why it won’t install given what you’ve tried.
    NHL Series Game Changer & Volunteer Moderator
  • this is frikkin ridiculous!
  • Red box doesn't have it, my local library does have it and i dont know anyone who has it so trying another disc is out...total bull
  • rbb51708
    17 posts Member
    edited July 2018
    oh yeah other discs work too, this has never happened to me with any other game....good ole EA nhl always comes thru
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  • but they'll want to steal $60 for their beta Game coming out Sept 25th like they did with NHL 18 wont they.
  • Socair
    1927 posts Game Changer
    It's out on the 11th or 14th actually. And paying for something isn't stealing.
    Please refrain from spamming this thread. If someone has an answer for you they'll answer.
    NHL Series Game Changer & Volunteer Moderator
  • Glad EA shows they care lol $$$
  • Kuus2
    211 posts Member
    edited July 2018
    How much room do you have on your PS4? My 18 shows it uses 30GB when installed.

    I think you could try freeing some extra space to see if it fixes it.
  • EA_Roger
    1471 posts EA Community Manager
    edited July 2018
    Hey @rbb51708 ,

    Sorry for the delayed response, I want to call out that you are on the games forums here if you want more responsive support for your issue you should go through our customer support directly:


    If you want to ask for support here you need to be mindful of our forum rules & the people who respond to you.

    In all honesty, I don't think it's tied to NHL 18 itself. If there was an issue with the disc to begin with you should never have been able to play it and we would have seen a lot more reports on this on our end. Which isn't the case. I've looked through both our forums.

    Can you let us know if the NHL is blocking in the "Copy" phase or the "Install" phase? Does it just freeze with the "pause" sign on the screen or do you get an error? Is your console making a beeping sound?

    I've heard that sometimes the PS4 tries to force the game update to install before the game which blocks the installation altogether. Would you mind trying to install the game while keeping your PS offline?


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