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I pray these issues get addressed for NHL19

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First off I was google searching and came across a post where a player had a very common, very rational, worthy, and hugely echoed complaint about some of the cheese goals that are allowed (especially in HUT). And some guy who must be some wannabe elite chel legend replied about how this is just a game, and ppl with high Hockey IQ should learn to master the exploits more than exercising their hard learned knowledge of the ever evolving “sport” of hockey. This is a video game yes, we don’t expect perfection, heck there are even glitchy goals that go in in real life at times, but the frequency of these goals in this game make it nearly unbearable. Also, the fact one would encourage ppl new to the sport (who may only enjoy the sport via the video game) to learnt to master the animation and physics engine exploits instead of attempting to learn the actual sport is near sickening. Like I’m so frustrated because there are so many of these Bender jerks who ARE ACTUALLY BEATING THE SPORT through cheating, glitching, and exploiting rather than even attempting to acquire any actual knowledge about the sport itself and I wish EA would start to view this game, design and program this game, to be less focused on animations and extra effects and more fine tuned to replicate the actual sport itself while doing everything in their power to demonstrate the integrity of the sport wins over exploits. I can sacrifice graphics, game modes, extra add ons, customization options, clothing/swag. I’d give it all away in a heartbeat for a barebones to the point game that simulated the sport to the most authentic level possible with today’s gaming development and tech. I don’t have my hopes so high for 19, but I’m hoping with all these new OUTFITS

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  • He is right you know. Yea sure, you can claim to use your knowledge and that the game should reflect that, but it simply doesn't. It is a game. You learn how to use it completely if you want to be considered amongst the best.

    Your argument is like saying since you race cars for a living, then you should be the best player at Gran Turismo. Life is life, the game is the game. Deal with it, or move on cause the HUT mentality will not change, not even for free packs :tongue:
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