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EASHL Builds

From a GC thread ( https://www.leaguegaming.com/forums/index.php?threads/gamechanger-event-recap.277020/ ):
It was interesting to see what everyone did for builds, it was a big mix of big and smaller players with different traits and specializations. Some going for more hitting power and others opting for more speed.

Could a GC clarify anything on builds? Hearing that Speed/Skating isn't locked across the board sounds terrible for competitive EASHL.
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  • jrago73
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    Smaller goes faster, smaller gets knocked down easier. Defenders have less speed than forwards, mostly because of size. Defenders might be 80-83 ish on speed, smallest forwards cap out at 90. It's not like years past though, it's real easy to knock the speedsters off the puck. No big deal so far.
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