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To EA Devs..Regarding recycled music.

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edited July 2018
Would it hurt to refresh the in game music with proper arena organs? David Littman had no issues doing so in NHL 94!..you need Chicago's Here Come The Hawks,that was a nice tune to have and we got it.
Would it hurt to update the Public address announcer?
Would it hurt to ask the Rangers for their organ tunes and a full version of the Goal song?. I DONT LIKE IT CHOPPED UP.
I noticed from your Beta that your using the same old penalty organ tune from like way back in the P.C. days. Not good..it's outdated.Sounds too Halloween like.


  • kitchener_boy
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    edited July 2018
    Also can we put an end to co op? when I play Online versus I am tired of people thinking they can sneak in help and then you keep on getting matched up with that player. I should have an option to boot him from my team selection screen instead of waiting for them to leave.
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