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My Beta thoughts

All of my opinions are based as a d-man and with eashl as a game mode.

Puck pickups are much better, checking seems better (still a lot of times I feel there is no way I should not come away with the puck).Passing seems nice. I like where the pokechecks are set (I have no faith it'll stay this way though, based on years past)

Is it still way to easy for forwards to grab a rebound before I do (no matter what build I pot as), even if I am closest and facing the puck. Even if I do get it first they can still just sticklift and shoot before I can even react. Still a lot of times I make a solid poke only for the forward to just not even loose a stride before he has re-attained it and has now widened my gap control by a fair bit.

As a whole I feel like this years game is pretty much where I expected NHL 15 to be on next-gen. While I am glad that tps has finally been scrapped and it is much better, I will be a non-purchase for a second year now sadly. While I feel like purchasing it would be rewarding the Devs for finally doing away with tps, I personally just feel like it took way too long to do so. Also I play G and I feel like it hasn't been changed in the slightest, but all of my other gripes stem from that.

Just my two cents anyways. I don't expect anyone to agree with any of them. I have a good feeling about 20 though but its not there yet for me sadly. 1's, 3's, Gm, Hut, all modes I don't care about. This is strictly based on 6's eashl.
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