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NHL 19 (Or later version) coming to PC?



  • SpadesCO_tv
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    Forizeal wrote: »
    Dude I’m still waiting for NHL to support frostbite and HDR lol. 2 years behind on that as well. Been in fifa and madden for 2 years now, even perhaps live?

    The NHL series hasn't been on PC since 2008. Which is far longer than HDR and Frostbite. Not saying the game shouldn't ALSO have that support as well, however, we as PC gamers have been waiting a LONG time and continually get the shaft. There is absolutely ZERO reason why we shouldn't be asking for this everyday. In the video, they claim that they will take care of us, if enough demand is met, but I don't see it. hopefully this is politically correct enough LUL

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  • So... when you gonna bring out a PC version. i havent played a NHL game in 10 years pecause you are refusing to do actual work
  • would be awsome if they could completely just cross play nhl on console and pc. makes sense to me.
  • I too would like NHL19 on PC. Just doing my part for the silent ones out there who would also like this. I haven't purchased an NHL title in some years as I am waiting for a PC version (I travel with a gaming laptop--console not practical use for me).
  • Sgt_Kelso wrote: »
    Hey PS4 has sold 500 million units, so it must have the biggest NHL user base, right? 500 million NHL players...

    Of if you want to use the reverse logic, NHL 18 for the PC has sold 0 units, so it would have the smallest userbase? Stands to reason, right?

    500M since when
  • I guess they will not offer for PC. Maybe easy to crack Roster and other data bases for sharing and this is what they don’t want.
  • Normally I wouldn't care, but the less reason I have to turn my Xbox on, and the more reason to use my new (as of August) gaming rig, the better. And if it means I can make the game look and run better, and maybe even have custom mods for offline, I'd buy nhl on pc.

    Heck, I might still buy it on console too just for friends who haven't made the jump to pc. I'd imagine there would be a good portion of people who'd possibly buy it twice just for that reason.

  • The question is how "massive" is the player base? The only reason I own a PS4 is for NHL. Otherwise like the people in this thread, I would play on PC. My question is, how many people are like me and will buy the PC version and forget about the Xbox/PS4 versions of the game? There is no profit to be made there. I've tried going into forums and I have answered the surveys stating I would like this, but I don't see enough people out there talking about it. A couple hundred people is not enough. Please bring this "massive player base" you speak of and I'm all for it.

    Anyways, after watching the video, it seemed more of a political answer. It sounded like he didn't want to disappoint the PC community, so by stating it's a possibility, it still leaves hope. I hope EA surprises, but I don't see this coming anytime soon. (Maybe the release of Madden will change this)

    I'm the opposite. I'd buy a version on each so I could still play with friends who don't have a pc.
  • the last time i played nhl was in 2009.... the last year they made it for the pc. pc is the best platform to play nhl or any game for that matter! hope ea sports delivers and give the fans that support them, nhl19 for the pc..
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