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Xbox One player looking for some players

I'm looking for at least a couple of chill people to play club with. 3s is my preference. I play to win but I'm laid back and don't bash my team for making mistakes. I do play forward but I also get back to help the D. I'm in my 30s. My gamertag is Phen0menalOne


  • schrockatc
    2 posts New member
    This might be outdated. I'm a casual player, I'm 44, and I'm looking for some online help to unlock heroes in 3s. I'd also be interested in leagues, however, I'm afraid I might suck in comparison with the rest of the gaming world. My gamertag is SchrockProATC. I'll try adding you.
  • NateD54
    8 posts New member
    need a D HMU LD or RD both handed
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