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[FIXED] Crash when going into ultimate team

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Hi guys new here!! So basically i was opening up a few birthday packs trying to get dj for cejudo elite , and i got the psn blue error code as i opened the pack ( before gaethje vs vick fight) and took me to the main ps home menu. I then realised it must be the new patch 8 about to drop so i waited for it to download and booted up ufc3 again. Once at the ufc 3 main menu, i select ultimate team. I then find that the birthday pack items are the first thing that popped up due to i couldnt do anything with them ( quick sell or send to collection) as i was booted out by the psn error code . I now cannot even press any button to manage the pack items apart from the ps button which allows me to close ufc3 entirely. After numerous restarts i still cannot to anything in ultimate team as it is in some sort of crash mode . I have made a case with ea advisor on origin and telephone and they have said they are aware of this and wont be fixed until the bug is patched . Please help me on anything i can do thank you all
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