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NHL 20 Patch Details April 3rd

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New to HUT and NHL series

This year was my first year to be involved with this series. At first I was excited to learn about hockey in general and the gameplay seemed very fun. I played Offline and with friends and loved the game.

Then I played HUT. It’s a gimmick by EA to get you to pay more money to become competitive against other people. It’s turned me off from ever buying another game from this franchise. I connect as a new user trying to compete and get better and I am paired with guys who seem to have mostly 99 rated players. I have Players that are some in the 90s but it’s overwhelming when I’m not matched up against people of similar skill level. Losing 6-1 over and over again without much way to get better without spending a bunch of money to get more packs isn’t appealing. Its sad because the game itself has so much potential.


  • NHL, if you’re out there, it’s damaging to new people interested in your sport as a whole.
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    @tbowjangles When did you start playing HUT? If you just started within the last month, then yes, you probably will have these issues. But I bet if you started upon release back in September, I don't think you would have the issues you are talking about.

    It's the end of NHL 18 for most as the new game is out on September 14. Many players like me, played the NHL 19 beta and have had a difficult time going back and playing 18. The ones that are still playing most likely have been playing since the beginning. So not only are they more experienced, they should have 99 overall players I would think.

    I would suggest that if you are new to the series, definitely give NHL 19 a try as it should play much better than NHL 18. If you enjoy the concept of HUT, then start from day one and build your team. Either that or stick with online VS. For the most part, you will be paired up with someone who has a similar competitive rating as you. About once every 10-15 games I get paired with someone who is ranked much higher or lower than me.
  • I started It around June. I’ve watched videos on offensive philosophies and read up on the matter. I don’t know if it’s something I dont Know about hockey or what. It’s infuriating to shoot slot wristers quality snapshots and never score after shooting 30 times.
  • Scratch that. It was actually March. Lol
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