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Competitive seasons for EASHL?

I think division games we play in EASHL club games are little bit boring because once you get 1 division title thats it, you dont have anymore achievements. And i think most of the clubs that play a lot have already achieved that.

That is why i think there should be some competitive seasons similiar to HUT. Maybe once a month and also awards from that season to invidual players. Similiar like we see on NHL... selke, art ross, rocket et. Not sure how to implement that but idea is that we should have something more than just divisions + playoffs (no players there)

What do you think?


  • @kevytmaito11 I think the unlocking of "Chel" bags will help fill the void a little bit. But I agree. I wish and hope there are more progressional rewards for club. Other than record, there is no real incentive. The bags are a great start, but implementing rewards may be difficult.

    Maybe they do some type of ranking system at every position? If your top 50-100 at your position you unlock a new bag. 25-49 unlocks multiple bags, all the way up to 1st where they unlock a special item for their player. I wouldn't mind unlocking something that shows other players I actually have skill. The incentive may be there for most, so it might work. At least we would be playing for something I suppose.
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