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Can't start cpu seasons game

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edited September 2018
I just created my HUT team this week (Yeah, I know it's late in the day). I am a regular on FIFA 18 and I play FUT alot and thought I'd give this a go to see if I liked it enough to go for it and get NHL 19.

I started playing the CPU seasons option and I find that it crashes after I have played a game. By crash I mean when I try to start a game it says it can't retrieve data (or something to that effect) and won't start the match. This happens to me EVERY time I try to play a 2nd game. If I kill the NHL 18 and restart it I can play a game. This means I have to restart NHL 18 after every game (needless to say I've given up as this is ridiculous).

Anyone else having this problem?

I tried online too but quit after a few minutes as getting completely demolished online wasn't my idea of a good time, lol.


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